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Welcome to Hootie_Ho's Home page!
(aka KibbitzQueen)
Where the burning question on EVERYONE'S mind
. o O (wa ta fa DOES she look like?)
is answered!

Glad you stopped by! Take your shoes off.... would you like a cold drink? Prepare yourself for a small glimpse into the life of the person who intrigued you enough to want to have a face to go with the humor!

I got the name HootieHO when my favorite chatter 'Pumpkinhead' aka Amy, tried to type in
HOOTIEHOOO!! When I entered the Brat Chat room... But typed HOOTIEHO instead. I said 'Hey!
That's a perfect chat name! And now you know... the REST of the story!! *wink wink*

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

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